The right lighting can highlight the best features of a well-planning landscape. It would be our pleasure to create a landscaping masterpiece that pulls you seamlessly from day to night. Reach out to Summit Outdoor Solutions today to learn more about our services ranging from design to installation, maintenance and beyond.

When the holidays are just around the corner, what do you do? Many people hide inside from the cold and don’t bother with the decorating. Let us help. Not only can a decorated property look good, but it can also draw in clients who admire your nighttime light display — even if you are only open for business during daylight hours.

At SOS, we partner closely with our local partners, to truly capture the holiday spirit and dazzle everyone in Northern Colorado. We believe that it just isn’t the holiday season until we see those twinkling lights hanging across the town. Avoid the dangerous ladders and the irritating, bitter winds by hiring a team of professionals who enjoy taking care of decorations. Call Summit Outdoor Solutions today to learn more about our decorating and lighting services, as well as our availability. Happy holidays!